Okay, so all my friends who are mom's of a 6 almost 7 year old... Tori has been having a rough few weeks at school. Not listening to the teacher has been the main problem. However, EVERY day this week she's been exhibiting some "mean behaviors" at school and making other little girls cry, on purpose.. She won't talk to me about it. She won't tell me what's bother her or making her act this way. Anybody who knows Tori, knows she is not normally like this. She normally is the little girl who plays with everyone and includes everyone in everything she does. I'm at a loss. Her teacher, who is wonderful, is also at a loss.

We've tried taking things away. We've restricted activities. We've cancelled play dates. Eliminated TV and the Wii.. Tried rationalizing it with her. Tried to get her to open up. Tried to see if someone is bullying her and she's just copying the behavior. None of these seem to be the answer. Her teacher says that Tori seems to actually enjoy the negative attention... I'm saddened by this and it's breaking my heart that I don't know what to do to help her.