Thanks for the note of encouragement Christina. I have heard similar stories.

I totally think my son will be fine given enough time, but it's frustrating to hear from the teachers (preschool) that they can't understand him sometimes, especially when he is being shy. However, he has improved dramatically and I'm happy to report it's not his vocabulary the speech therapist wants to work on, but rather the annunciation of certain letters. It's odd because it's almost a habit of how he says some words.

He says "mama", but says "nem" and "nem" for M&M's for example. They are the same sounds so he can say it, but doesn't. Two of my favorite words that he says incorrectly are duplicate and favorites. They sound like poop-a-kit and say-bits. So cute now, but maybe not later.

If he can't get speech before K...I'm sure he will be eligible for something once he's in school.

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To the ladies with the children with speech issues: I'm sure they will get better.

When my nephew first started talking until he was maybe 7/8ish, no one could understand him. Not me, not his parents, not anyone. All his words seemed not only lisp-y, but jumbled and choppy. He also had a VERY bad stutter. He ended up going to a speech pathologist for sessions several times a week and after a few years, he was fine. It was a struggle when he was in school during those years, but now he is about to turn 12 and he sounds perfectly fine.

Just give them love and patience and with proper care, they will overcome!