Okay I dont mean she's a real brat....she's very cute and loveable!

I think my children are spoiled with how I scrap. I scrap with more than one photo, because lets face it, one photo might not tell the whole story. That and I take dozens of photos at each event that I have more than one good photo to scrap!! I also journal, a lot!

Today I scrapped this layout of my daughter's 2nd birthday

I was showing it to her, asking her if she liked it when she goes
"Mama, are you going to do another layout?

To which I reply
"I dont know, maybe not"

And she goes
"Well I like it, dont get me wrong, but it only has one photo and no writing. *long pause* How is anyone supposed to know what is happening and why I got that toy?"

So I went back, re-edited the original layout, adding in journaling to the left side (Which I planned on doing, just not posting it online) and now I am trying to figure out if I have enough photos to scrap a second page with more photos (my camera was old and took very grainy indoor photos) since she's obviously spoiled by my scrapping style.

What a stinker she is to comment about my lack of photos and journaling
I think its cute and had me singing, "Dora" all morning!!