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that's what I had thought but I didn't want to assume anything, I am new- just started this forum thing this week and I have had soooo much fun I even did 5 challenges so far... don't think I will do anymore this month due to printer ink issues.
so glad you're having fun here and doing the challenges! they're totally my thing, i love them.

like missi said, you definitely don't have to print them out right now or even at all! i have hundreds of scraps and have only printed maybe 10 ever. i just don't have the money to do it right now, but they're saved for when i can in the future and put together a book.

don't let that thought hold you back, with all the welcome wagon goodies and the cool stuff terra gives out at the friday night scrpas AND the blog daily downloads and everything, you can probably scrap forever without spending a dime! ;)

hope to see you at the scrap tonight!