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Well not sure what exactly what to say... I just joined the forum this morning (coffee cup in had). I really love your products, I have been buying them for at least the past month or so. Today I wanted a lil more oomf in my day and I hope I find it soon. Being a stay at home mom looking for work is a lil overwhelming and I learned to cope through my scrapping. I just started my own blog about 2 weeks ago and I am not feeling it, mom keeps telling me that I need to stay with it and I will soon find the oomf. I hope she is right!.... Well anyways I just wanted to stop in and say "hello"... Happy scrapping everyone

I am using paint shop pro x2... I also have photo shop and photo shop elements- I flip flop from all 3 depending on whatI feel like using. I started out with paint shop pro 9.... I am sooo used to making tags and blinkies that I had to steer myself away because I found it to be some what quite boring from using the same techniques over and over again. Any suggestions for someone who is starting out blogging and Ideas on what I could do to make mine stand out?