The hot thing right now is banners, as we all know, lol.

But I can never find a banner that's juuust right for a LO I want to make. I've only ever used one banner because of that. Sometimes a kit will only come with one banner, straight across. Or just one wavy and it doesn't fit what I want to do.

I'd love to see someone make a template kit of all different kinds of banners!

Like some straight across, some wavy, some curved up/down, some that start straight then arc up, whatever...then some with squares, some squares with those ribbon notches, some the traditional pennant triangle shape, some with alternating skinny strips, etc.

Maybe they could all come like regular templates, PSD/TIFF/PNG, with a neutral string (black or white or beige??) then individual layers for each triangle/square/strip so we could clip papers to them or fill with glitters, etc?

I would so buy a pack like this so I could make banners for every kit, especially the older ones when banners weren't really around much and so I could pick the drape of the banner to fit my LO!