I love making banners for my kids. We have one birthday in January ( Michigan is crap for winter birthdays), one in July and one in August. We decided that we will pick one date in the summer and we celebrate all 3 of their birthdays together. Only have to but party supplies once and only have to get 3 cakes of there choice of theme for the cake, but we do one theme for the whole party. Last year I went to the dollar store and picked up a pair of size 6 flip flops. I traced the flip flops and used a cuddle bug (provo craft) to emboss the shape and we used ribbon for the the part that goes over the toes. well anyways we had 5 banner all on the wall. Their cakes were princess and the frog, tangled, and tinker bell. Well this year I am thinking of doing cupcake banners for them and considering I have been looking for over 2 month for a cupcake template just to get started with and no luck. I am always finding card templates and cup cake wrapper templates that I don't know where to start for these banners. The colors I have in mind were purple and pink for there names, yellow and orange for the Happy Birthday banner. But its still all up in the air and nothing to help get me started on the banners.

I thought about making my own templates but I am not sure how to create them digitally because that would be more helpful, but other wise I think we may do some new flip flop ones again ~~~ help desperately since I only have a few months to get all these done before the party.