How scary to get stung in the face! ICK!
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omgsoh Jen! we have more scorpions this year than most... we've already killed 4 scorpions in the last 2 weeks.... that's only the ones we can see. they don't hang around each other too much. I have been stung one time ( but it was in the face in 2 places) ughhh and they give me the creeps more than any critter ever. We live in SE arizona and we hear lots of fun stories about peeps who lived in this area 100 years ago who were just developing the towns. They would put their bed posts in water cans with water in them to keep the scorpions from climbing on their beds, but the scary thing is scorpions climb walls and ceilings.

when I got stung in the face several years ago, it was cuz the scorpion was in my towel that was folded on the counter. I had my eyes closed, opened the towel, put it to my face and started drying. it felt like a pin prick. when I saw that scorpion, I screamed for a looong time and ran around naked. i was so creeped out that i had a scorpion in my face! lol

Jen, I totally understand how you are creeped out!

I always shake my shoes, clothes, towels, and everything out before I put them on. I even open my bed and look in the covers and under my pillow and stuff.

It's not as bad as it sounds, but it just creeps ya out.

My husbands uncle is a pest control guy, and he says there's really no good poison for scorpions, but if you can get rid of their food sources, like other bugs and nesting places. get rid of railroad ties, bark chips, or places like that where they like to nest. Unfortunately they love swimming pools, so if you have one, that's a given that you'll have scorpions.

ughhh keep up the good fight Jen! I found the best thing I have to kill them with is our flat-bottom pans! my husband thinks I'm nuts.