Those of you who are friends with me on FB know that I have been keeping tally of the number of scorpions we have killed. Until tonight that number was Jordans 60+ Scorpions 0

My husband has a traveling job, he left tonight to be gone for the weekend. I put on my sweat pants at about 7 pm to help him pack and not have to worry about getting dirty, since we were loading up the motor home. Anyway, I had the pants on for about 3 hours....a while. I came in and sat down at my computer and felt what I thought was a sticker or burr on the inside of my sweat pants, WRONG!!!!! As soon as I scratched my knee I felt the sting.....needless to say I stripped pretty fast, LOL (sorry if TMI) I knew I needed to get the thing out of my pants and confirm what I knew it to be (since it was my first time being stung) so I gently pulled my pant leg inside out, and of course my hand just happened to be right where he was....I thought I was being cautious, but he got me on my finger too!!!!

It doesn't feel very nice, but I am pretty sure I am not allergic to them since I haven't gone into shock yet, but DH is freaking out since he is out of town and we are in a new house with no one close by... he is calling me about every 20 min LOL.

We had already sprayed earlier this week, but when hubby gets home we are hiring the PROFESSIONALS!