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This week we are working with this mini kit! 2 years ago we had this freakish hard freeze here in Tucson and EVERYTHING froze. Half of the city went without water because we just don't have freezes here! A few days later you could really see the toll the freeze had taken. Prickly pear all over the city looked like some band of hooligans had hacked at them with axes as they began to die. So many of our plants just didn't make it. We were sure my grandmother's lemon tree would be one of them. My grandmother wouldn't give up. She just kept watering and we kept removing the dead leaves and branches. The tree went from 14 feet high to less than 10. But she just kept tending and caring for it. Finally this year we have new blooms! We probably won't get fruit, but my grandmother and her devotion to this tree is an inspiration to me. Determination, resolution, and sometimes a gentle touch can get you through the toughest of times, even when others might give up!

See you Friday!