I am doing this.


John, my husband, is going to do it for one meal a day for a while. I am doing it for all 3 meals for at least the 10 days. If it works like it's suppose to, I think I will continue with it.
We ordered a juicer yesterday and surprisingly it says it will be here today. That was with the free shipping! I had hoped it would take a little longer to get here lol so I could have more time to finish off some more food in the fridge but it's better to just jump right in.
The guy that does the video and another man he meets along his journey both have urticaria, which is what my husband was diagnosed with recently. That's the reason we watched the video. It cured both men of the urticaria and both men were overweight and they both came down to a normal weight by the end of their "fast". I am hoping it will bring my weight down and help me get rid of my sleep apnea. One of the men in the video had sleep apnea as well.

If you have Netflix you can put it into your Instant Queue and watch it from there. Or you can watch it online on Hulu here http://www.hulu.com/watch/289122/fat...nd-nearly-dead