Hello, all!

I'm a university student who always kind of knew scrapbooking existed but didn't take it seriously until I saw all the pretty things scrapbookers get to play with. I've always been kind of an artist (not my major, sadly) so I used scrapbooking supplies in everything but scrapbooking! Origami, card making, collages, bookmarks... you name it. Then I started playing with the idea of actually, y'know, scrapbooking, so here I am!

I'm working on my first ever scrapbook, and I came here for advice and feedback. I've always liked GingerScraps because everyone seems so nice (and the kits here are always so pretty!) I may not be terribly active, due to my plethora of hobbies and my limited resources (read: time) due to being a senior undergrad, but I still look forward to being part of the scrapbooking community!