But what I wanted to suggest is bigger than just a single kit, it would be like a whole buffet! And an amazing one at that... at least in my opinion.

I propose an Around the World kit (buffet)!

What made me think of this was first I was all, "I wish someone would have like a sushi kit, with sushi, and chopsticks and fortune cookies..." (which someone SHOULD still do) and then I was all... "..but I super love Japan.. I mean I REALLY love Japan (Asian culture as a WHOLE) so someone should do something with that... " but then it occurred to me that it would be splediferous if someone did other countries/and cultures too which brought about the whole "Buffet" thought... I mean how AWESOME would it be? Seriously.

by the way... it took several tries and I'm pretty sure I startled our upstairs neighbor but I totally squashed that bug.