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    Default How to post and link a blinkie in Blogger or any HTML

    I was recently asked by one of the ladies in a Cafe Mom group a question on posting blinkies. I thought I would write a quick tutorial on the subject... hope it helps someone out there!!
    hese are the codes for MY blinkie, saved on my PC….

    This one is linked to my GingerScraps site- store- forum etc...

    This info is the codes for this blinkie. Linked to

    Here is what the completed code will look like. You can use this code as an out line for any blinkie.... you can also grab this code as is and put it on you blog or in a sigi just because you love me he

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src=""/></a>

    To make it easy, and to save the info.. copy and past this code outline to a note pad or word document and save it on your computer. Then you will know where it is, and you can easily change it by copying and pasting codes for any blinkie.

    Here are two ways-

    You can right click on any blinkie and save the image, upload it to photobucket (or whichever one you choose) and then copy the HTML code. Then change the first "http://…photobucket…" to your blog address to make the blinkie link to your blog. The second "http://…" is the actual photobucket image code.

    One other way is to right click on any blinkie, and at the bottom of the pop out menu you will see properties. Click properties. A box will open with “Address” and “Image Location”. If Blog Address is empty or you can tell that it is not the proper address then go up in you address bar and copy and paste the address from it (assuming you are at the address you want the blinkie to link to.)

    You can take this code (which is for my blinkie) and change the blog address (first http://) and the image location (second http://) to your own.

    Again, this is what it will look like with my info codes for GingerScraps.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src=""/></a>

    To post them on your blog, in blogger (which is what I use) You need to go to edit your Layout. Select to add page element. Then from the menu of options select
    "HTML/JavaScript Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog." Then copy and paste any codes for blinkies there. I have my long list of codes each separated by a few spaces so if I ever need to change any of them I know where one starts and another begins...
    You can also use this code for putting your blinkie in your signature in galleries and fourms.
    (depending on the rules of the site you may or may not be allowed to link the to another site).
    So go have some fun adding blinkies to your blog and or in your sigi's.
    Happy Scrapping!

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    Default Re: How to post and link a blinkie in Blogger or any HTML

    Yes, this was totally helpful! I have been wondering and wondering how to link the blinkies to the blog sites of all my fabulous people! Of which you are now one. I have seriously been dying to know this, and one person explained it, but I was too dense then to understand...probably just didn't know enough at the time to understand. But now I do! Going to edit the blinkies on my blog, thanks SOOOO much!

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    Arrow Awesome: Thanks for the help!!

    Awesome: it is easy to add to a signature however, I've been wondering how I get these on my blogs.

    I' creating a background to my blog, do you know what size I should make it & the banner & how & where to apply it?

    Thanks!! I'll take up your advice on this.
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