I used to have a room or two devoted to my traditional supplies, then I had to move to a small apartment, there was no room for it. I did still take a few things since one of my neighbors was a scrapper too but all that work and we only got together for scrapping a couple of times. So much hassle. I had dabbled in digi a tiny bit before that but it was becoming more for me than the traditional work and with 2 small nosey kids at the time I didn't have to worry about missing something (scissors or glue) when I had to stop. My hubby was constantly upset with the amount of money I was spending on this and that in order to do a layout, there were several times he asked me to find a new hobby.
After a couple of years I had to move again, when I was packing my bedroom I had gotten a special box just for my albums. I picked them up, somehow one ended upside down, when I picked it up the floor became covered in embellishments. I opened it up, every layout had fallen apart. I was so tore up I decided it was time to make the switch completely to digi, those pages wont fall apart on me and my DH is much happier with me and doesn't say a word about my spending any longer.
I haven't been able to get rid of all my traditional supplies, they are organized and while I don't have a massive amount it is A LOT. I decided to keep the items for my kids. They have small albums and they love cutting up things, gluing things and generally making a mess, perfect! We now use my supplies for making things to frame and hang in their room or cards. I'm not so protective over the stuff anymore. I would much rather them have fun with it and make a mess than to have it just collecting dust, I mean its likely it's going to have the same fate as my albums anyway so why bother.