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I have a couple of friends who are paper scrappers, pack up the house and go for a weekend crop types. They "tolerate" what I do, although I have to say they get pretty chapped when we get together on a Saturday and they make 5 trips to the closet or their car depending on whose house we're at, and I walk in with a laptop case that has my laptop, a mouse, my portable EHD, and sometimes my Wacom tablet! So I really think that they're a bit jealous and justify all the $ they spend and the hundreds of pounds of stuff they schlep around by arguing that it's "real" scrapbooking. Fine by me... my back's happier, and so is my bank account!
I stopped going to the weekend crops with my friends. First off it cost me a fortune to sit there with my laptop, when I can do that at home. And then everyone would stare at me, or come over to make comments like..."But I like to touch my stuff."..or "It doesn't look real" etc. I laugh though at the beginning of the weekend, when they spend 2 hours setting up, I've already scrapped 2 pages. Or when it's time to leave and I take my own car, so I can go without waiting another 2 hours for them to pack there crap up.