I am having a Speed Scrap and Chat on Thurs March 8th at 9pm central
Hope to see you here! and if my internet cooperates, we will be in the chat room too!

Step One (besides having clouds) pick out 3 papers
S2: layer your papers so that you have one main one, and two others somewhere but with lots of white space on the main background paper, pick 1 frame
S3: take your frame and make it float in the clouds in the whitespace of your layout....you can have as many photos as you want as long as they are in a frame and floating and the number of clouds is up to you
s4: pick 2 strings, greenery and a flower and add them to your cluster, they can be multiplied as many times as you would like
s5: add a splatter AND a scatter somewhere
s6: add a title at the bottom of your page, add any other items you think necessary, shadow and save

Here is mine: