So I am from Montréal Québec Canada, Where everyone finnishes a sentence with "Eh?", It's a habit, it just comes naturally, we all do it and don't even know it..... Born and raised in Montréal, and I am not fluent in French, that might surprise some of you.

I am very proud Wife to my High School Sweetheart, 11 Years Married. And I am an even Prouder Mommy of 3, beautiful Children. I am stay at home Mommy and this is the most challenging Job I've ever done... Still havent perfected it. Don't think I ever will, but Im gonna try. I'm a mess and I make lists of the projects and ideas I want to do and never get them started, let alone finnished. Chasing 3 kids around tends to have that effect on me...LOL

I take a zillion pictures and never seem to print or scrap any, that's where you guys all come in, I am taking on a new Adventure, looking forward to learning and sharing lots.... I know I can do it.

I worry about my kids... Alot more than I need to... I ponder what it would be like not to be home, but at the same time am grateful that I am. I remember my career and don't miss it. I remember being trim and do miss it. I try hard to be the best that I can be as a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.

Sometimes things go really wrong before they get near right.... But at the end of the day, my family is what matters most... As long as I have them, I believe I am richer than the richest man alive...

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