OK, so February 29th only comes once every 4 years- so I think we need to celebrate with a party scrap! I asked Marie H to honor us with a PP for this occasion, and she WAY overdid it for us! This mini kit is so fun! Can't wait to see you (here)!

Speed Scrap Instructions:
1- :00- lmsandt: 3 papers lined in even sections- either horizontal or vertical
2- :10- Mandalue: pick out 2-3 photos and make 1 photo larger than the others
3- :20- Sarah: Add at least 3 elements, including one frame
4- :30- Scrapolina: Add a journaling tag or piece and do some journaling on it ...In other words you can journal directly onto your background page.
5- :40- Sniksnak: use splatters, spils or confetti somewhere on your page
6- :50- Wendella247- Add a title anywhere on your page.
7- 1:00- photom: Make sure to add your shadows. Put a date tag on it and date it! Add some stitching and make at least 1 of your photos b/w or sepia. Make sure to leave 1 color! Add your page to the Speed Scrap 2012 gallery and post back here within the next 2 hours to be able to get the awesome amazing Speed Scrap prize! Thanks again for scrapping along with me today!