I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions that were brought up during last weeks chat...

Q: Is Night Owls Scrap & Chat a Speed Scrap?
A: In it's simplest terms, no. Night Owls is a scheduled chat where we have an project. However, you do not need to do that project to come in and chat!

Q: What sort of project will we be doing?
A: Each week will be something different. Details will be posted in the current week's Night Owl Chat Announcement thread here on the day of the chat. Last week we used a template, this week will be something completely different. In the event that we use a template or mini kit the product will be released in the Ginger Scraps store the day of the chat.
PLEASE NOTE: Codes WILL be given for these specific items ONLY during the chat.

Q: How long does the chat last?
A: There is no set time to when the chat has to end. We could end up chatting until the wee hours of the morning. Chat starts at 10pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) and at minimum will last one hour.

Q: If Night Owls is not a speed scrap why are you posting it under "Speed Scraps"?
A: This is where all the scheduled chats are announced.

Q: Do I have to work on the project for the night?
A: No, you do not HAVE to work on the same project. You can work on any scrapping project.

Q: Do I have to scrap to come and chat?
A: Nope... You're welcome to come and just chat! No scrapping necessary!

Q: Are there instructions and where are they?
A: There will not always be instructions. Sometimes we will work on a template, sometimes a scraplift, sometimes a mini, and sometimes just free form scrapping. If there WILL be instructions, they will be posted in this forum in the current Night Owl Announcement Thread.

Q: How long do I have to complete my layout?
A: You have until the next Friday. (So one week).

Q: Where do I post my layouts?
A: For Night Owl layouts, post them in the Speed Scrap category HERE. All other layouts can be posted under the designer's name HERE. Non-Ginger Scraps Layouts go HERE.

Q: If I miss the chat can I still do the project?
A: Yes. If you miss the chat you can still do the project. HOWEVER, the codes for the specific items (ex. if the project is a template, it would be a code to get the template for free) will ONLY be available during the chat, no exceptions.

Q: Are there incentive prizes?
A: Not specifically. Those who attend the chat will receive the project item we are working with (should there be one) for free. Other GS designers may pop in from time to time and randomly give out coupons or other items as well, but this is a random event.

Q: Where do I find the code?
A: The code for the current week's night owl product is only given during the Night Owl Chat (10pm EST) in the Forum Chat Room.

I will add more Q & A's as they come up!
See you there!

*** Please note: Speed Scraps/Night Owl Chats do not count toward your challenge total. I apologize for the confusion. ***