Anyone have a favorite rice-cooker they use? I'm getting ready to buy one (probably at Amazon) and want to know what is the best one that's in the under $100 price-range. There are a few that look amazing that are well OVER $100, but I don't want to spend that much until I know I'll actually be using it at least once or twice each week. I want to increase whole-grains in our diet, so it must be able to do a good job with brown rice. I do have a brown-rice oven recipe that almost always turns out really good, but would like to expand my repertoire to include various rices and other grains (including quinoa for sure).

I'm kind of looking at this one - all stainless-steel with no non-stick coating:

I also like that this one has a stainless steel steamer basket that you can cook vegies in at same time as rice.

Does anyone use a stainless-steel rice-cooker? Is sticking a big problem, or does spraying the inside help reduce sticking? I have an olive-oil sprayer I use (it's awesome - you put olive oil in it, pump it up a few times with your hand, and it aeresolizes the oil to work just like the canned sprays, but with no chemicals added) so I would spray with that before cooking. I like to stay away from those teflon/non-stick surfaces whenever I can, cuz they're really not good for us, but will use it if there's no alternative.