Hey all,

I haven't had a chance to explore the whole store yet...and I'm starting to collect wedding themed kits for my upcoming wedding this summer....so point me in the right direction.

What good wedding themed kits do you know of in the store?

Or anyone interested in making a new one???

Or even kits all about wedding preparations! I've already got tons of photos about making bouquets, trying on dresses, tasting food, and I'll have so much more to come

How about Hershey themed kits (or something very chocolately) -- we'll be going to Hershey for our Honeymoon Would love, love LOVE something in the Reese's peanut butter colors (It's our favorite candy together )

Start shooting me off some suggestions. I can't wait to look at what's out there and see what new things come out with these themes in mind

Thanks everyone!