Hey there. I really enjoyed our last SS, and so I have decided to host another one! So go mark your calendars NOW! (I'll wait!.........................OK)

Wednesday February 8, 2012
10 am PST
11 am MST
noon CST
1 pm EST

Our Participation Prize will be from HK Designs. I am so sad to see her go! She is allowing everyone who finishes this scrap to be able to grab Winter Love kit for free! Also, be sure to get all her other kits as they will be gone soon, and they are kits you just don't want to miss! Here is the preview for Winter Love:

Can't wait to see you all here!

1- Pick one photo. Place it in the center either horizontally or vertically. Place it offset on the opposite axis.
2- paper- pick out a light color background (if possible ).
3- OK- flowers- I LOVE flowers. Please make a cluster of at least 3 flowers on a corner of the photo.
4- Ribbons- at least 2. Add a paper strip as well. Put these behind your photo.
5- Either duplicate your photo, or pick another one. Place it anywhere on your page. Desaturate it or edit it in some way. (Cropping doesn't count!)
Clusters- Add other elements to your flower cluster to make it have at least 7 elements. If you place your 2nd photo by the flower cluster, you do not need to have 2 clusters- as long as both pictures touch the cluster. If not, make sure the 2nd photo has at least 5 elements.
7- Add a date tag. Journal if you wish. Add shadows and upload to the Speed Scrap Gallery. Come back and link it here. I will send out the PP in 2 hours. Please make sure to use the coupon today, as it is only good for today. Thanks for participating.