So I've been a member here now almost a month and forgot to come and introduce myself!!

I'm Amy aka familyhistoryscrapper. I've just recently come back to digi-scrapping after a two year hiatus. I was very active with scrapping years ago, but family/life changes forced me to take a break for awhile. I'm super excited to be back and have lots and lots to scrap about as I just got engaged on Christmas and will be getting married this coming summer! What an exciting 2012 year this will be for my family and I!

I love scrapping, family history, and crafty things in general, which makes digi-scrapping perfect for me!! I live in PA and am a teacher. Since joining Gingerscraps I've found everyone to be so welcoming and I'm loving my time here. Can't wait to get to know all of you even more!

EDIT: OOPS I had searched for my intro post and didn't find it....lo and behold I HAD posted here....Can't find a delete button to remove this post...silly me!!