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    Default 1/25/12 Speed Scrap!

    Hello to all. Sorry this is late notice, but I have planned it for a few weeks now! Duh! Anyway, there is nothing better than hanging out with me, so I'm going to give you all that wonderful opportunity! Our wonderful {new} JoyLynn from BlueHeart Scraps has made a beautiful PP for this- I had the luck of being able to use it to create the flier, and I LOVE! Hope to see you all here!

    1. Photom- Pick out an even # of papers and stack them anywhere you want on the page.
    2. Missi- Choose an ODD number of pictures. Place them in 1 or two corners of your layout.
    3. Wendella247- Add a journaling tag with at least one element added to it.
    4. krystalbear- clustering...add at least one cluster (5 or more elements) around one photo
    5. Sarah- Add 2 more papers and one more picture. Crop the picture into a long rectangle and the papers into non-regular shapes.
    6. photom- Ribbons- I LOVE Ribbons- Add at least 2 ribbons on your page. Some greenery (flowers count too) as well!
    7. BlueHeartScraps- add any additional elements (if you want), title (if you want) or journaling (if you want) until you have a page you love. Then upload and know I appreciate your participation!
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