Join me tonight at 9pm Eastern for a speed scrap!

Your prize!

We will also be chatting in the chat room!

1. Choose one or 2 photos (if you choose 2, one photo has to be significantly smaller than the other)
2. Choose 3 background papers
3. Place your photo(s) in the upper corner (right or left is your choice)
4. In the bottom corner opposite your photo(s) add something rectangular and long (I used a ribbon but you can cut a paper or whatever you like as long as it is long and thin). Make sure it doesn't go all the way across the bottom, about halfway or less is best.
5. Add a cluster at the end of your rectangular shape (in my case, close to the end of my ribbon)
6. Cluster around, under, over, ect your photo(s)
7. Add a title, a date and a small amount of journaling

You have an hour to finish your layouts and get them into the gallery. Don't forget to give credits and leave love for everyone!