Jill, you are so on the ball!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome STIIIINKS! (( I got all those lovely symptoms first listed: I started growing hair on my face (what? on my chin? WHAT?! first time ever, it was very unsettling.), I started getting acne (not a pimple or two like I was used to, but full blown acne at 23) and I started gaining weight.

Note: having too much testosterone SUCKS.

I also went 10 months without a period. 10 MONTHS. At 23 yrs old, that was pretty scary. That combined with the weight gain had my female coworkers who were aware of the situation constantly telling me "youre pregnant, youre pregnant, look at all this weight youre gaining, youre pregnant." I also completely lost my sex drive. Like, zilch. Dead. Bad. (In other words, no way for me to get pregnant--LOL.)

I was not pregnant. I went for my first ever gyn visit (I know, I was delayed), and after tests and whatnot, found out it's PCOS. They put me on straight hormones for a while that gave me a heavy 30-day period (worst 30 days EVER) and now I have to be on birth control if I want a chance at ever having kids in the future. Unfortunately multiple miscarriages is *very* common with PCOS sufferers. :/

And on topic, it makes it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose weight (testosterone = bulk). Even if I watch my calories, fat and sugar like a hawk, I can't lose weight without also being on a high-cardio workout at least 5 days a week. The last time I really lost some weight, I was eating 1,000 calories a day all in fruits and veggies and working out 2 hrs a day/6 days a week. Even with that, I only lost 35 lbs and it took me 8 months to do it. I should have lost more like 60-65 lbs in that amt of time.

But now I'm looking to do some Zumba on my Wii! I don't have the $$$ for a gym membership now that I'm living on my own, so I just wanna shake my booty and get rid of some lbs!

Zumba is a workout, but it's latin dancing and full of cardio! It's supposed to be fun so you forget you're working out for an hour, but I've heard nothing but glowing reviews from people who do it regularly. I want to get it on Wii first, learn the dances, then maybe venture into a class if they're reasonably priced.