I hope to scrap and chat with you Tues Dec 6th at 7 pm PT, 8 pm MT, 9 pm CT, 10 pm ET. See you then

Step 1: Pick 1 paper and 3-4 photos
Step 2: Place one photo in a corner and blend it, or use a photo mask to clip it...cut the other photos into squares and place at the opposite corner at an angle
Step 3: pick 3-4 ribbons, stitches or borders (or any combination of those) and place them in clusters vertically and horizontally around the blended photo so that they make a kind of photo corner. I have mine in the bottom left corner.
Step 4: pick and element to "pin" down your square photos with, you can use it one time or many just make them look "attached" or "clipped" to the page
Step 5: pick an odd number of elements and cluster them with your ribbons/borders/stitches
Step 6: add shadows, and any title/journaling you want post in the gallery and leave love for your fellow scrappers...you have until 9 am CT. I will send out the PP after that