This Saturday morning, grab a cup of coffee, let the kids watch cartoons, and join us for a Template Scrap & Chat! 11-19 9am Eastern!
Saturday Morning Template Scrap & Chat is hosted by Amy of Unforgettable Moments and Valarie Ostrom!

You will get a free template by Amy of Unforgettable Moments. During the chat there will be some fun "template using" instructions like a speed scrap.

We will hang out in the chat room, AND also post the instructions in the forum!
The arrow below is pointing to how to find the chat room

Those that say hi in the forum during the event, or participate in the chat room may just get a RAK!

Those that post their layouts by 11:15am Eastern time will get the participation prize. The participation prize is a $3.00 Gift Certificate to the Unforgettable Moments Shop (which is enough to get a template pack for free. There are many $1-$3 items in the Unforgettable Shop, so you can grab something for free with your $3 GC or use it to get a great discount on a higher priced item)

Template links for you to download the Scrap & Chat template...
There are two different downloads for you to choose from. Download 1 will include the Scrap & Chat instructions in a notepad file! Download 2 does not include the instructions. Those of you who are more chatty may want to click on the download that includes the instructions so you can scrap at your own pace. Those of you who like the "speed scrap" version of a scrap & chat may want click on the download link that does NOT include the instructions so you can be surprised each time a new step is posted.
Please note that the template is the SAME in both of these downloads. The only difference is on has the instructions and one does not
Download 1: Link Expired
Download 2: Link Expired

I can't wait!

1) Open your template. Choose your photos.
Notice that you have four "photo spots," and 1 block that can be used for journaling.
Decide how many photos you are going to need for your layout.
Some options are...
*** you can use the cluster of three photos on the left, delete the small photo spot on the right, and arrange the journaling block
***Use the journaling spot for a 5th photo spot and journal somewhere else on your layout.
*** Use the template just as it is and choose the 4 photos.
*** Another option for your photos that hasn't been mentioned.

2) There are 4 background papers on the template. Choose two patterned papers and two solid papers. You choose which paper should go on which layer.

3) On Layer 05 clip a paper of your choice to the scallop trim. Feel free to use a trim or a border from your digi-stash if you want to.

4) For the paper strip layers above the scallops (Layer 06 and Layer 07) choose what papers you want to use, but one of those papers should be patterned.

5) Add a frame from a digi-scrap kit, or clip a paper to the frame on the template (on layer 23)

:50 6) Add your elements. PSD/TIFF users: You can highlight the element spots in your layers palette, and drag the element you want to use on top of the element spot so it in the same order as it is on the template. Adjust your element, and then delete the element spot on the template.

7) Add your title and journaling. If you are using the PSD or the TIFF version of the template than shadows have already been applied. Check over your layout and shadow any elements that need shadows, adjust the shadows on your layout according to your taste, and make any adjustments that need to be made, and PNG users add shadows. Upload to the Speed Scrap gallery (You can upload to the Unforgettable Moments gallery too!). Post your layout to the "Template Scrap & Chat thread" with a link to the gallery, and leave love for the other participants. Thank you for joining us!!

Here is the layout I made- Yours may look a lot different depending on how you used the template, and that is totally fine!