I should be getting ready for work right now, but after hauling all my scrapbooking stuff from North Florida, where I live, to Atlanta where I work every week, I decided it might be a good time to start some digital scrapbooks. But, when you've been scrapbooking and amassed such a huge collection of STUFF, it's hard to make the switch. I'm betting a bunch of you feel my pain here! There should be a show about scrapbooking hoarders. I'll be on the first episode, k?

So, I am like a nekkid little newborn here. Other than piddling with Mixbook a little, I haven't really done any digital scrapping. I liked the look of GingerScraps, so here I am. My first digi website!

So, this is me in a nutshell: Fiction writer, chronic photographer, stage mother, empty nester, adoring YaYa (don't call me grandma) to Skye, Nathan, Evie, Weston, Nolan and Khloe, full-time employee, oh my...and WIFE! I do have an absolutely wonderful husband who gets pushed aside for all the other stuff that comes first. I don't deserve him and I know it. I'm just sayin....

Eventually I'll get a photo of myself on my profile, but I'm always behind the camera, so I put one of my favorites of my baby girl, Emily. Not such a baby anymore!

Can't wait to make friends and learn as much as I can absorb from all you pros out there. Now, speaking of nekkid...time to hit the shower and act like I have a job!

Have a great week everyone!

Cassie (Casstastrophe)