Ready for some DSD scrapping fun? I have got a speed scrap challenge for you along with a participation prize. Join me Friday November 04 at 10 pm ET here and in the chat room.

Okay step one: pick out 2-4 photos

pick out 5 papers that go well together

make 7 rectangles all 1.5 inches wide and at least 3 inches high but not more than 6 inches high

use one paper for your background and align the rectangles in the upper or lower half of the page. You can also turn them all and use the left or right side, but they need to be lined up all going the same direction then clip your other papers to the rectangles

make as many squares as you have pictures (2-4) and clip your photos to them

put your photos in the rectangles so that they are under one rectangle and over the others they touch....kinda like a flag pole or banner pole does that make sense?

add a title and any journaling you want in the upper right or lower right corner of your layout, unless you lined your rectangles up on the right hand side, then use the left

post your layout in the gallery and back here for us to see, make sure you put it under the speed scrap category, if you don't post a link to it in here, I won't know to get your pp to you. Layouts are due at 10 am ET. PP will be sent out Saturday afternoon

Thanks for scrapping with me