Hi there fellow scrappers,

My name is Jen and we just moved from Virginia to Okinawa, Japan. We are finally getting settled and I finally have my computers back, yay!

I have been into digital scrapping for about 3 years, but have recently taken a long break due to so many other commitments and then our move being a full time job practically!

I love scrapping and anything crafty, really. I have been going through withdrawals without any time or materials to let my inner creative self out lately! So, I am ready now to jump back in and start scrapping again. And with great timing since we will be having so many new adventures here to photograph!

My Mom is also a scrapper, she is the one who got me into this a few years back. She is actually on the CT here, her screen name is chigirl...so you may recognize my kids on my layouts as I start scrapping because they are the subject of a lot of her pages too

Glad to be here, looks and sounds like a fabulous place to scrap!