I'm new here & was so excited to join in the Speed Scrap last night, but when I tried to get in the chat room I got this message: "Members Only. Please login via the website." It wouldn't even take me back to the main page when I hit the back button, only kept giving me the same message. So I opened a new tab & tried again -- same message. Once again I opened a new tab & this time went to the forums where there was a place for me to "Log Out", so I must have been logged in.
I tried it again this afternoon & got the same message, still I was logged in. Am I doing something wrong? Is the chat room something that I have to pay extra to participate in? I'm signed up for the Survivor thing & want to get this straightened out before that starts on the 15th.
BTW, Harmony Star was so very helpful! She was posting the steps for the SS in the forum so i was able to do a LO & have posted it & received the super alpha -- thanks!
Thanks for any help you might be able to give me on what I need to do to chat.