Put the kids in front of Saturday morning cartoons, grab a cup of coffee and come do some speed scrapping with us! It is going to be awesome. If you can't make it to the event there is a slow scrap alternative for you!

From 9am - 11am there will be random prizes given to those who are playing along in the forum or chat room. A few of the Unforgettables (ladies on my CT) will be watching for random people and reasons to throw prizes around during the speed scrap.

Everyone who posts their layout by 11am est will be entered into a drawing for an $8 gift certificate to the Unforgettable Moments shop!

If you need more time to make your layout, or if you can't make it to the speed scrap there is a slow lane too! Anyone who makes a layout with the speed scrap instructions and posts their layout in the ss gallery by Sunday midnight PST (or before we get here Monday morning to hand out the prizes) WILL receive the participation prize!!

Do you want to see what you are playing for?
Here is the participation prize...

I hope you can join us one way or another!
I can't wait!

1) choose your photo(s) (the amount is up to you) and choose 2 background papers. Attach one of your papers to the other paper some how with one or more fastener element(s) (with stitching, buttons, tape, staples, etc). I like to shadow as I scrap because it helps me place things much better, so during this speed scrap shadow and save as you scrap.

2) Arrange your photos on your layout, and tilt at least one. Matt, frame, OR stroke your photos however you want. Don't forget to shadow and save.

3) Add a title to your layout with an alpha. You can also add tags, WA, or font to enhance your alpha title if you'd like. Choose an element that can be placed over your title. Shadow and save.

4) Add some journaling on your page. You can journal on the background paper, on a matt, or a journal tag- it is up to you. If you are not a "journaler" at least describe some details in the photo(s). Shadow and save.

5) Choose 3 different elements and use each of them more than once. Use them however you want: Spread them around, cluster them, and tuck them all over your layout and around your photo.
[TIP if you use ps/e pressing alt and then clicking your mouse over your element then dragging will quickly duplicate your element]

6) Add some string and a scatter (spill, splat, etc.) and add two more things- anything you want

7) Include any finishing touches. When you finish your layout upload it to the speed scrap gallery, post it here (with gallery links), and leave love on your fellow speed scrappers layouts

My layout: