Join me for a fun speed scrap in 30 minutes! Hope to see you here!

{I let my niece help me with the steps - can't wait to see what type of layout we come up with!}

Step 1: Choose 4 pictures - 1 that can be kind of big and 3 that can be smaller.
Step 2: Choose 5 papers - 1-2 for the background and 4 to matte your photos.
Step 3: Use at least 4 swirly elements.
Step 4: Use a few (3 or 4 or more) strings/ribbons/etc to 'tie' your photos together.
Step 5: Use 5 shaped/themed elements.
Step 6: Journal and date your layout. {Thanks Rachel!}
Step 7: Add any finishing touches. Upload your layout to the SS 2011 gallery and post it here for us too!

I'm off to work on mine - can't wait to see what y'all come up with!