We're chatting away in the chat room, come on in and join us or you can follow along here

Step 1 - choose 3 background papers stack them on top of each other each layer smaller than the one before.

Step 2 -add 3 pictures keep 2 the same size and make one larger place them wherever you like on you LO

Step 3 -Add a circle mat and a paper block to your LO under your pictures

Step 4 -Add 5 buttons and 2 pieces of trim to your LO

Step 5 -create a cluster of at least 5 elements around one(or more) of your pictures. You can use any elements you like, but they can't be your elements from step 4

Step 6- add a two word title to your LO

Step 7- add your journaling shadows and any additional elements to you LO

You have until 12 noon EST tomorrow 6/18 to finish your LO and post a link in this thread. Everyone who completes a LO will get a little treat from me

My LO if you need a little inspiration