Hi all! Has your week been as absolutely insane as mine has?? Boy, I feel like my brain has been scattered in a million directions and I am having the darnedest time pulling it all together! lol! But I am trying, and that's why I am here to let you all know that TONIGHT is my "first-Friday" (of-the-month) speed scrap!!

Since I was travelling out of town this week for medical appointments for my hubby, I did not get the chance to create a fabulous participation prize for tonight, so I am brainstorming ideas & will come up with *something* by this evening! You may want to send me some vibes of what you really hope I'll come up with... maybe a last-minute mini kit, a set of masks, a store coupon, or maybe a free pack of papers or elements from my shop? Hmmmmm..... send them vibes, girls!!

Oh, & if you want a good laugh, I chose the *perfect* photo for my blog today to represent how badly I am "running behind!" - http://caricreates.blogspot.com/2011...-behind-o.html
Alrighty, it is now officially Speed Scrap time & here is how I'll work the participation prize... When you post your layout here in this thread, be sure you include the name/link of one of my PAPER PACKS that you would like to have, & you will receive a coupon for that pack!! How cool is that??

Now for the steps ....

Step 1. Pick out 5 photos! Yep, five. I chose 5 from a nature hike/drive we went on recently with my son & dil.
Step 2. Choose 2 papers. Layer the papers & add the photos, with frames, if you like.
Step 3. Choose one element to be used 2-5 times and make it "blend" into your papers using either a blending mode or a percentage of transparency. :O.
Step 4. Add 3-5 more elements.
Step 5. Add a location & date to your layout.
Step 6. You can add journaling and/or a title, but that is optional.

When you finish, post your layouts in the gallery within 1 hour from now (by 8pmPST/11pmEST) , then post your finished, linked layout in the SS thread. If you are a few minutes late, don't fret it - I'm not a total stickler. And don't forget to include your pick of a paper pack from me!

Here is my finished page: