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Live Strong is a good App too for iPhone (don't know if there version for other phones)
I'm there too !!! Yesterday I stepped on a scale and it said I've gain yet more weight
It is really time for me to do something about it *sight*
I got a membership to 24h fitness through Costco but haven't started going yet :-/

Just can't motivate myself: aggrrr !!!
Okay, I'm here to say, YOU CAN DO IT!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! I did activate my Fitness Boot Camp, just have to wait for the time slot to open up. Then I don't have a choice, it's only 4 weeks, and I already paid for it, I have a babysitter lined up to watch the kids since they're done w/ school next week - and I KNOW it will motivate me to keep moving once I go! Can you tell I'm trying to stay positive here!!!! I'm sure I'll be complaining up a storm after I go with how sore I am. I've heard these boot camps are brutal! But, I'm not going to get anywhere w/out doing the work!!!!