I've had to postpone my monthly "daytime" scrap'n'chat this month until the *4th* Friday of May - so be sure to join me on May 27th here and in the chatroom! I'm sorry to all who were looking forward to the 20th (me, too!), but a medical appointment has come up for my dh. I sure hope everyone can still make it - looking forward to the fun!

When it's time, I will be posting the steps here in this thread at the same time we go through them in the chatroom!
Meet me in the chatroom at 10am PT/1pm ET on the 27th!

Hope to see you all *next* Friday!

I'm baaaaaaaack ... and here's a look at the sweet little participation prize I'll have for you all on the 27th!

Join me for the Speed Scrap'n'Chat, post your speed scrap layout by the deadline, & you win this fabulous pack of photo masks for *free* - it's another "win it before you can buy it" SS prize from me!


Steps ...

1. Select two papers that coordinate, at least one should be basically solid - fairly-well textured papers will be extra nice. Stack these so a solid paper is smaller & centered in the middle of the page on top the other, giving it a somewhat matted look.

2. Choose a single photo and place it in the center of the page.

3. Eraser brush time! Quick Tut: Select your eraser tool, then go to the dropdown menu of brushes near the top of the window and choose a large soft round brush, such as "Airbrush Soft Round 300". In the box to the right of the brushes, you can change the brush size to something even larger - I used 800px. Going over to the last box in this row, you can set the Opacity - I used 55% so I wouldn't erase away too much at a time. Now, erase around the edges of your photo so that the paper underneath shows through. Continue erasing until you have your photo edges blending into the paper just the amount you like.

4. Add embellishments *under* the edges of the top paper so they are just "poking out" around the edges.

5. Add a few staples or other fasteners on top of the edges of the top paper.

6. Add an inspiration quote or verse around your photo - things like song lyrics, poems, or Scripture are a few possibilities.

Normally, I don't reveal my own layout using these steps until the very end, but today I think I'll make it easier by showing you what I did from the beginning:



***When you finish, post your layouts in the gallery within 1 hour from the "official" end time of the scrap (by 12pmPT/3pmET) , then post your finished, linked layout in this SS thread. Be sure you also check out the other SS pages & leave some sugar, too! By Saturday morning all successful participants will receive a PM from me with details on how to get your participation prize!