Hello! I'm Lynn aka iMom*e (a hybrid cross of the iPhone and Wall*E but I'm a mom with an iPhone and feel like a housekeeping robot most of the time).

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Patrick. We met and started dating in 1989. Married in 1993. We have 5 kids - four of our own that you'll be meeting through my layouts soon and one that we're in the process of adopting, so I cannot show her off just yet. Our oldest turned 16 this week and our youngest will be 3 in the fall. As you can imagine I'm desperately behind in scrapping all the photos. I started scrapping in 2006 digitally - never was a traditional scrapper.

Looking forward to spending some time here at GingerScraps - thank you to Harmonystar (Rachel) for inviting me.