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    Default Creating an Animated Siggie in Photoshop

    Here at GingerScraps your finished siggie needs to be 700 pixels x 150 pixels MAX.

    First, build your background and add your shows as in a normal LO. Next, add the element you wish to animate, I chose a butterfly. Add your first element in the first position…

    I usually don’t name my layers but I do when animating, I called mine butterfly 1. Now duplicate that layer, I use crtl+J, rename it butterfly 2, then using the arrow keys nudge it over so the layers overlap a bit…

    Next, using ctrl+T, rotate the element a bit to mimic the butterflies fluttering, you can make it a bit smaller also. In my finished siggie I used PS5’s Puppet Warp, it’s not necessary but fun, and we’ll cover that later.

    Now duplicate butterfly 1 again, in the layers palette move it over butterfly 2, rename it butterfly 3. Using the arrow keys nudge it so it overlaps butterfly 2. Now duplicate butterfly 2, name it butterfly 4 and move it over butterfly 3, then nudge. Continue to duplicating, renaming and nudging until your screen is covered.

    Click the eye in the layer palette so that only butterfly 1 is visible. Now open the Animation window…

    If your screen doesn’t look like this, click the Convert to Frame Animation…

    Chose a frame time, try .02 seconds…

    Click the duplicate frame button in the animation palette…

    In the layers palette, unclick the eye button next to butterfly 1 and click the eye next to butterfly 2…

    Repeat the steps, click the duplicate frame button in the animation palette, in the layers palette, unclick the eye button next to butterfly 2 and click the eye next to butterfly 3…

    Continue until all the frames are completed. I added one more frame without a butterfly and changed the timing on that frame to 1 second. Click play to watch. Save you file, then choose “Save for Web and Devices” chose GIF, you can resize it to under 700 x 150 if needed. Now it’s ready to upload.

    If you have Photoshop CS5 you can play with Puppet Warp. Go to Edit / Puppet Warp. You can add pins in places you want to manipulate; I made mine “squishyer”. Play with your element then replace it within the layers and timeline.

    Today I decided I wanted the butterfly to fly behind the "A" so I moved that layer to the top of the list.

    I hope this is a fun tut, and hopefully NOT confusing. Post up if you have questions.
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