When you think of a fantasy scrapbook kit, you think of extractions and having to create a 3-D-like scene on your layout. But this doesn't have to be the case, at least with my kits.

When I make a kit, I think about times when I want to use a whole picture, not an extracted person or pet.

In my kits I include several different frames, hardware type elements to attach, ribbons, strings, flowers, greenery, and leaves. I try to include several line-type items to draw the eye, and other shapes, too; to build the bulk of the cluster.

Sometimes the key to creating a cluster is repeating elements and layering and using different opacities. Like flowers... use flowers and leaves to create a line (for your eyes to follow towards your picture and to flow across the page).

You can make a traditional type layout with my kits as well as fantasy style. Sometimes I mix the two. I like to use templates if my mind is having an artistic block, lol, and my favorite templates to use with my kits are from Photocowgirl.

Templates are nice because you can play with the papers more and add different shapes, textures, and layers to your layout.

If you have any more tips, please tell us! It's fun to learn from others!

I'm showing you some examples of my kits used in a more traditional style.. and the technique I'm referring to..

Kit used: Into the Pineywoods
Template from Photocowgirl
See all the fun scallops and shapes you can add with a template.. and your eyes follow the line of the layout

Kit: Gingerscraps flower shop Flower market
I used the frame, and papers to make a cluster backdrop, then added the elements to finish out the cluster. The fleur de lis is used for the attachment (like a button or a clip)

Kit: Freebie All things Bright and Beautiful on my blog
Template: freebie from Akizo

See how the line is created with the arc of the template? I just followed the line and created my own cluster of pics to flow.. I used the circle clipping masks that were in the template and layered some elements above and behind the circles.

Kit: Abloom
Jenevang created this beautiful layout.. She used just the picture, and built a pretty corner for it, while also adding the other cluster in the corner. She stayed within the technique of following the line and flowing

Kit: Puddle Jumpers/Rain Fairy
All I did in this layout was create a cluster with the frame as the main focus.. made several layers with different depths to feel more 3D

Kit: Puddle Jumpers/Rain Fairy
I decided where I wanted my 'line' to be across the background, and built around the frame

Kit: Abloom
I mixed traditional and fantasy here, by using a frame, clustering, and a 3D chair

Kit: Dance With Me
This is one idea I mentioned using and repeating elements, while playing with size, depth, opacity, and layers

Kit: The Dreaming Tree
Anna xx made this beautiful, simplistic page with frames she made with the papers in the kit, adding elements and sprinkling some sparkles

Kit: Wild Blueberry
Carla made this precious layout by using just the picture for her focus, building the cluster behind and above her picture

Kit: Wild Blueberry
Template: Dido Designs

I simply used the premade circle masks in the template to make the photos, while adding some ellies to create a simple cluster.

Kit: Posh Pooch Papers and Posh Pooch Pieces Elements
Template from Photocowgirl

I used the template to get a feel for my layout, then made the template work for me, I didn't use some parts of the template, but I replaced some parts of the template with the bench, to add a 3D effect to the layout. I love templates, because they can give you so many ideas and options.

So feel free to add any comments and ideas you've used that you enjoy