I couldn't find chipboard at Michael's today. I either just didn't see it or they didn't have any. Julie, where do you get yours? Do they have it at Wal Mart?

I got that distressed ink in Vintage Photo
Some Cutter Bee scissors (I cannot find my fiskar thing with the slide cutter - have no idea what it's called - but I think it's in storage)
a crap ton of ribbons - they had some 5 for $1 rolls going on (reg .50 ea) and I got some really cute $1 a roll. I figure if I don't use it for this I can always extract some for kits.

Still need to get the big bracket - only saw the small ones at Michael's. And some chipboard. I don't want to use cardboard.

Oh and matte paper.

and some wire. Where do you get that wire??

I am heading out again tomorrow, so Julie, if you see this let me know about the chipboard & the wire. Thx