I joined way back in 2009 during the summer, just before we found out we were moving house and my best intentions of being an active member were struck down by my "distraction fly". So I thought I best make a re-introduction

My name is Irene but my friends/family call me Rene or EhKho. I'm a 32yrs old SAHM of 4 children {2 boys & 2 girls) aged between 8mths & 14yrs and I'm engaged to Darren {I call him Ren though as he prefers that lol}. I'm a feisty, cynical and sarcastic lass from Glasgow, Scotland who is now living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE England.

I started out my online persona as a tagger in the late '90s using PSP and progressed from there to becoming a Bryce abstract artist in 2003 and then I started designing digital scrapkits in 2006 using PS, completely bypassing the layout creation process which is what I'm learning just now as I've taken a step back from designing to increase my skillset. I figure if I learn what looks good in layouts then I'll make better co-ordinating kits; or at least that's the idea lol.

It's good to be back to being part of a community and my aim is to make GS one of my online homes. Glad to see you all again!