With all of the great new recipes I've found on WW's I found something rather peculiar. At least to me anyway!
Chicken and fish are the two main types of protein they suggest. However, a lot of recipes call for ground turkey breast or chicken instead of ground beef! When I first saw that I was like What? They make that?! I guess I never browsed the meat sections in the stores long enough to see the small portion where they sell this stuff.

Anyway, I came across a Turkey Meat Loaf Recipe that sounded really good. I made it, tried it, and I was right. It was REALLY good! I always loved when my Mom made it for me when I was little so I was skeptical at first only to realize that it doesn't taste too much different than beef. I guess my main point is that I thought I couldn't live without ground beef but I actually can! There are other alternatives out there I had no idea about.