So, I finally made it here.....
Have been following the posts of one of *my girls* (jenevang in CT member of team I'm leader) and drooling all over the pages she now that I have money to buy LOL I decided to come out of lurking land...and here I am
I will try my best to be at the SS tonight, and, though I haven't got much time at the mo, will try find time to post and browse the galleries....

there are a lot of things I could write about me, but the two most important (and so I don't bore you) are that
1. I m not in very good health, I was born paralysed, didn't walk until aged 5, my parents had me in a crystal box (meaning I wasn't allowed PE in school, no dancing, no climbing stairs) until I saw Hair when I was 13 and managed to get them to invite me to be in the play.... I had 30+ years of performing, travel the world and then, when (as I knew I would need since I was 16) I had a hip replacement in 2003 things went totally wrong. I had 4 other operations which failed to fix the initial error, so I was left with a leg shorter than the other and 24/7 excrutiating pain, plus a few conditions arising from this all.

2. I am totally, completely addicted to digi scrapping, but need no cure for it LOL

I m looking forward to my shopping now!