Come join me in the chat room for a speed scrap wednesday at 8:30pm cst.

1. open a solid paper. place a pattern paper on top and move it up so there is
about 3 inches of the solid paper showing at the bottom of the page.
2. add a border/paper strip over the seam of the papers.
3. place 1 photo above the border/paper strip and frame it somehow.
*place it above or below the photo, tilt it, whatever you feel*
4. add a large title or word art below the border/paper strip on the solid paper.
5. cluster, cluster, cluster under the photo and the border/paper strip until you have had enough.
6. add some brackets anywhere you feel.
7. journal about 3 sentences below your word art/title on the solid paper.

- finish up your shadowing and date it if you would like. Upload to the speed scrap
gallery and be sure you post it in the speed scrap thread within an hour. I will
send out your coupons tomorrow