Thought it would be fun to share a few of my other poems. First is a bit of description, I used to try to do this before I wrote each poem... just quickly jot down what was inspiring me. So here it is.....

I got the idea today to write a poem about Kimberly- It will be titled The Master Gardener. This morning she stopped by to drop off Sage and Jeni; she had a meeting to go to. She gave me a 3 by 5 card with a few bible verses on it. They were verses she had come across in her daily reading that she thought might be helpful to us in a situation we were currently dealing with. They were very helpful to me and came at the perfect time. It got me thinking about all the seeds she plants and all the fruit she bares. She is a Master Gardener!! Many thoughts are floating around in my mind- I want to write them down…so here goes….
August 2006

Master Gardner

What comes to mind when you think of a Master Gardener?
Overalls, gloves, shovel, and spade,
Constantly caring for the garden she’s made.

Pulling weeds
Planting seeds
Watering can
Farmer’s tan

Well, let me paint another picture for you:
The Master Gardner I know doesn’t need a plow or a hoe.
She is Gardening for God, I know that may sound odd-
And so I will explain…

She starts by collecting seeds,
Which she gets from the Bible she reads.

She patiently waits for the soil to be ready and carefully plants the seeds.
A new fragile growth begins to sprout- she prays it can withstand the weeds.

She shines like the sun, beams of warmth radiate.
Energy, life, love: God’s spirit permeates.

Then it is time to wait, put in God hands to cultivate.

Prayer is the water
The Spirit is the sun

She faithfully tends to God’s Garden- Her work is never done.

I imagine it is hard sometimes to never get to see,
What have become of all her planted seeds.

I wish there were a way for her to see the beautiful Garden that lives inside of me.

Dedicated to Kimberly Garten
August 2006