Hiya everyone! It's Daphadilly Art and we are having a speed scrap shortly! 1pm CST! I have a cool little PP for ya too! Silver date strips! SS will be in the CHAT and I will be updating this post with instructions for those who play in the forum!

Step 1: Pick 3 papers and 1 photo

Step 2: Place 1 paper as the background then layer the other 2 papers so that you can see a least a small portion of each paper.

Step 3: Place your photo on top of your papers anywhere you like, but leaving plently of room around the edges. (so not up against the edge of your LO)

Step 4: Choose a frame or border OR make one from another paper.

Step 5: Use your frame or border to frame your photo.

Step 6: Now either move your frame so it doesn't properly frame your pic OR make your frame larger so the paper behind the pic can be seen in the frame.

Step 7: Use a fastener (button, stitches,staple etc) to hold down your photo

Step 8: Cluster ellies around your frame~ any amount, large or small.

Step 9: Add shadowing

Step 10: Post in the Speed Scrap gallery then post the image and link in this thread, please note if you used GS products!

Thank you so much for playing! As a small token of thanks, here is a coupon code for 20%off anything in my store!

da24ssYay exp 2.24.11

And I also made a pp for ya! Snatch up some silver scalloped date strips here:

You have until 3pm CST to post your LO!

Here's mine! I used Marshmella Designs' Little Charmer!