So, my name is Jen and I've been a stalker for a while and was introduced to the site by your awesome Head Baker, Shannon. I go by JenEvang in most digi places (b/c my last name is Evangelista). I love many of the designers here and recently joined Wyld Web Designs' CT. YAY, Char - an example of the excellence around here! Now I'm proud to create for GS as well and I can't wait to get more involved in this community.

I live in Georgia (US) and am a SAHM want-to-be, LOL, but at the moment I do work full-time outside the home. I have four gorgeous kids (12, 9, 5 and 3). You will be sick of them if you ever check out my gallery. I am married to a pastor and I count my life as very blessed (albeit hectic).

I was scrapbooking before it even had a name, as far back as I can remember. I collected memorabilia and put them carefully with my photos in those magnetic albums. (Note to self, move that stuff). Then I joined the "official" scrapbook craze when it became cool and fell in LOVE with it.

We recently downsized our home and I lost my scrap room. I had been dabbling in digi scrapping for a while, but took it up with a passion at that point. And I have to admit that although I'm sad and guilty about ALL OF MY STUFF in storage, I don't really miss it. I LOVE this hobby! And love it's flexibility and the creative outlet it provides for me. And I love documenting my family's everyday life, right now, in such a fun way.

Now, to print all of these LOs out, LOL !

Thanks for the indulgence and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better here at GingerScraps.